Tuesday, November 26, 2019

How to find the best translation agency

Any company wishing to direct its activities to a globalized market must first perform a series of tasks. Among other things, the translation of its contents and theinternationalization of its services. But where to start? Which translation agency to turn to? How can you choose from countless and often dissuasive offers, whether offered by translation agencies or other professionals? Neophytes often face multiple doubts and struggle to navigate them. It is indeed difficult to ask the right questions.

We help you find the best translation agency for your business

In order to take into account all the requirements, we have developed this vademecum to help you find the language partner best suited to your needs. Below are 16 valid and targeted recommendations. The goal is to enable businesses and professionals to better understand what they are looking for and to avoid making the wrong choices. It's about asking the right questions before you can identify a single translation provider that can meet your expectations: a reliable, referenced and efficient provider.

1) Perhaps the first piece of advice is the most obvious:

Take the time to carefully evaluate all potential agencies. The choice of thetranslation agency to which his documents are entrusted is too often taken lightly. Indeed, the importance of the linguistic/communication aspect of a business project is overlooked. That's a big mistake. Content, descriptions, explanations, marketing, in short the words you choose to use will be your business card in the market you are trying to access. And that's not all: the language, style and shape you adopt will reflect your professionalism as well as the quality and reliability of your services. You will also need to ensure that your offer is relevant to your benchmark market and attractive enough for your future customers. It is therefore essential to evaluate each translation agency carefully and calmly. You should not rely solely on your instincts, hearsay, direct or indirect knowledge, or at attractive prices and special offers at first sight. Base your decision on the most objective parameters possible. Below are some recommendations to help.

2) Select a supplier that specializes in your sector.

The current offer of language services has never been more extensive and structured. All agencies (at least the most reputable) choose more or less strategically to specialize and move to one or more sectors. Some focus their activities on legal translations,others on the literary or the medico-pharmaceutical sector. There are also many agencies that are turning to niche areas. Or who have been collaborating for years with leading companies operating in your sector. Also take the time to review the list of clients and project types carried out in the previous two or three years by language providers. This is to check if they are actually able to understand your needs. This can be especially useful if your offer is complex and specialized in a specific sector. On the other hand, if you want to differentiate yourself from the competition or avoid the stereotypes imposed in each sector, you will know where NOT to turn.